Personalised Photo Football - Blue
The ideal gift for anyone with a love of football!

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The best Personalised Footballs in the world

Exclusive to Ballpix, you can now easily add your images to our superb, match-quality footballs on a one-by-one basis.

A wonderful gift for one lucky person or a major promotional opportunity for thousands of your customers, we can personalise each ball whilst ensuring that quality remains consistently high.

We are built for scale with massive daily output and global delivery capabilities, but retain that much-needed personal touch.

There’s free standard delivery on all orders.

Ballpix personalised footballs are certified playable and are available in a size 5 (match size) and a size 2 (promo / midi size).

The footballs are printed using the latest technology giving them industry-leading durability and the highest possible print quality.

We print exactly what you send us, so if the image you upload is poor quality and "fuzzy" then it will look the same on the ball. We recommend using as high a quality image as you can to ensure super-high quality print.
Please note that we cannot breach copyright and trademark laws, so ensure that your image can legally be reprinted.
The footballs are personalised, inflated and boxed ready to be received as a gift or immediately booted about.

Adding Images
Adding images to your football is super-easy. Choose the location from which to upload your image – gallery, Facebook or Instagram - and then select an image. Once selected, wait a few moments while it uploads and rescales to fit the space on the football. You can then use the controls to change the size and position and to rotate or flip your image on the ball.

Adding Text
You can also add text to personalise your football. Just select the Add Text tab and then enter the text you would like to use in the box below and click Add Text. You can adjust your text to make it bold, italics or underlined from the Text Styles menu below. You can also change justification, size, colour and font. You can reposition, rotate or flip your text using the controls below or simply drag and drop the text where you would like on the ball.

Credit/Debit Card
Make payment using your credit or debit card online.

Pay online with one click using PayPal.

All orders are shipped using the Royal Mail 48 service. You can choose to speed up delivery by selecting the Royal Mail 24 service.

All orders will be dispatched within 5 working days.

Balls can only be returned if there is a product fault. Please ensure that you double-check spelling and that you are happy with the image before you place the order. In case of a faulty product, please email us at

We are set-up to produce personalised balls at scale. From just a few to a few hundred thousand, we work with clubs, companies and organisations of all sizes to produce customised and personalised balls for promotional giveaways, drop-ship fulfilment operations and any other client-specific requirement. We love a challenge, so please get in touch by emailing, give us an idea of what you're looking for and we'll be in touch to ensure that we deliver exactly what you want, when you want.

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